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2012 Fforganisers

The organisation behind the madness remains unchanged from last year:


Phil McMullen

Gill Neal

Matt Williams

Katie Kiely

Laura Maisey

Derek Walter

Elizabeth Walter


Assisted by

Teddy Kiely

Marissa Kiely

Jen Neal


Special Thanks to

Bob Lee

Amy Martin


New Merchandise

Ffiesta Programme

Featuring 'Hammerfall Part 4' Short Story by Jasper Fforde


Crusty Cards - The Dodo Deck




Image by Laurinda Lin



Prize Winners

Royal Angst

Christabel Brightly

Fancy Dress

Mary Pierce
runners up Jon & Su Crook

Speed Reading Soliloquy

Emma Warren

Literary Karaoke

Steve James

Quark Beast

Ellie Randell

Spot the Lobster

Rob & Aileen Oldfield

Murder Mystery

Betina Burghardt

UnUnited Kingdom Team

Isle of Man

Meritous Journey

Mirakel Mayoral

Special Mention

Bob Lee


The Fforde Ffiesta 1952

2nd & 3rd June 2012 @The Village Hotel, Swindon




In 2012 the Fforde Ffiesta travelled back to celebrate the Queens Jubilee by visiting the actual coronation.




'Caught in the act' Image by Steeljam

Jasper at the Fete, image by Martin Muller

2012 saw the last appearance of our feed the dodo game.. Image by Martin Muller

Image By Laurina Lin


Jasper Fforde Q&A by MrsBDanvers

Fancy Dress Parade by MrsBDanvers


Space Invaders




Review of the Fforde Ffiesta 1952



Name That Fruit by Martin Muller