Your Bookworld Needs You

Every year the Danverclone army must grow in order to combat the every present threat of grammasites and bad speling


To join the Danverclone army you will need:

1 Black Dress

1 Grey wig

1 Pair of Sunglasses


You are never too young to be a Danverclone

Baby Danvers

Image by Antonia Drumm





The Legion of the Danvers was formed for the 1985 Ffiesta in 2010, since then every Ffiesta as seen the numbers of Danverclones swell - Be afraid!




Have you got what it takes to elevate Danvering to the next level?


So you have the dress, you have the wig but you only use them once a year.

Why not try a spot of extreme Danvering to bring back that Ffiesta spirit?

All you need to do is get a photo of yourself dressed as Mrs Danvers in the most unusual place possible

then send the photo to


Be Afraid by Elisabeth Parsons


Extreme Danvers

Found this photo of some fierce-looking members of the Danvers Brigade out on patrol.  Thought you would be relieved to know that the three Mrs. Rhode Island Danvers (though small in number) never sleep, and are always at the ready!  Their motto: Rhode Island Danvers have your back . . . and your front . . . and your side . . . (and if we can find a fourth member, we'll have your other side, too)!


A Day in the life of Mrs Bob Danvers

He says that this was a one off - we are not so sure!





The 3rd Legion of the Danvers (2012)

In total we had 53 Danvers (including 2 lobsters, a Dodo and Mari)

The Danverclones march on ASDA


Image by Laurinda Lin

Video by Mrs Bob Danvers

We also introduced a new training regime in the form of Mrs Bob Danvers' Danvercise class

Mrs Bob Danvers


The 2nd Legion of the Danvers (2011)



Image by Laura Maisey


League of Danvers - Fforde Ffiesta 1968 by Steeljam



The 1st Legion of the Danvers (2010)

by jaclynbarbara


"We are Danvers, we are clones. We shall never be alone"