At the moment we are still recovering from the 2015 Ffiesta (if you are reading this is 2016 then we have probably just about recovered and I have forgotten to update this page) and we have not had chance to make any plans for 2017 other than booking the hotel. As soon as we have some solid information we will update this page but for the time being here are some of the things we got up to in 2015



Fforde Ffiesta 2015

The 10th Anniversary


Expect a return of some old favourites together with some new ones


New for 2015

Richard III - with audience participation (ok not entirely new but we have not done it for ages and we have got a new script)

Building Swindon - Together we create our own version of Swindon - where anything can happen and almost certainly will

Human Guess Who

Avoid the Question Time

Pub Games


Old Favourites

Reading by Jasper

Q&A With Jasper

Fancy Dress - Get your costumes ready

Garden Fete - It's back and better than ever

Radio Play - Volunteers wanted to create the deleted scenes from The Eyre Affair

Name that Fruit


Talent Show

Friday Night Quiz

Poetry Competition


And much much more