Links for the Fforde Ffiesta 2011


Rob___'s Photos

Steeljam's Photos

Swindon Advertiser article




Pub Quiz



Nextian Village Fete

Swindon Bus Tour

Hunt The Lobster

Treasure Hunt

Hamlet Soliloquy Speed Reading Challenge

Call My Bluff

Croquet Training with the Swindon Croquet Club

Dodo Whispering

2nd Legion of the Danvers

Reading by Jasper Fforde



Q&A with Jasper Fforde

Lego Building Competition

Name That Fruit

Mid Life Crisis Angst Poetry

A Midsummer Nights Dream: The Panto

Just a Minute

Lobster Space Invaders

Fancy Dress Parade


Gala Dinner





Exclusive Merchandise

Ffiesta Programme

Featuring 'Hammerfall Part 3' Short Story by Jasper Fforde

Chopping Boards


Grow Your Own Roundabout Kits

Crusty Cards
(collectable card game)



Phil McMullen

Gill Neal

Katie Kiely

Matt Williams

Laura Maisey

Elizabeth Walter

Derek Walter


Spike by Laura Maisey

Prize Winners

Feed the Dodo

Steve James

Getting to Know You

Steve Cluck

Hunt the Lobster

Ellie Randall Colleen Parkinson
& Claire Pringle

Lego Building

Geoff Elliott, Alison Cotterill, Mark Bickell, Emma Warren, Mark Johnson, Susi Johnson, Robert Lee

Swindon Has Talent  

Emma Warren

Treasure Hunt

Mark Johnson, Susi Johnson

Mid Life Crisis Angst

Robert Lee

Mycroft's Shed

Jon Crook

Name that Fruit

Richard Curtis

Speed Reading Soliloquy

Nathalie Eeckhout


Arresting the Cheese Smuggler by Mark Bickell

The Fforde Ffiesta 1968

27th - 30th May 2011 @ The Village Hotel, Swindon


'Speed Reading?' by Steve Cluck

Jasper on Being and Ex-Mayor by Steeljam

Jasper on Hay On Wye by Steeljam

Jasper on Croquet by Steeljam

Jasper on The Elgin Llamas by Steeljam

Jasper on Swindon by Steeljam

League of Danvers - Fforde Ffiesta 1968 by Steeljam

Cheese smuggling by Sporad

Quick tour of the 1968 Ffiesta by Sporad


Have Ffordians got talent? - see for yourself in these videos from Steeljam:


space invaders

Lobster Space Invaders by Mark Bickell