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Things that can't happen, do. Strange is normal & 1 page in 7 makes sense. Death and life are confusing.  Get all that and you'll love 'em



An hilarious gallimaufry of punning detection, time travel, classic literature and family life. A palimpsest of fictional mayhem. Just brilliant.

Yvonne Mclean

Feisty gal jumps into books, fights crime, meets everyone you've ever read.  Hilariously weird.

Rowena Sudbury

Time warps and book jumps
Ahead of Goliath Inc.
Thursday saves fiction

Laura Merz

Y'know how I get so lost in a book I don't hear or see anything else? Well Thursday does it literally and metaphorically simultaneously.

Laura Merz

The bestest fictional crime fighting bird you've never heard of sorts it out with her dodo.

Iain Rowe

If you got killed you'd want Next to see who dunit. She can do that y'know, even if she's not real, I know she can, I've read about it. True

Iain Rowe








As fans of Jasper Fforde we have all been there, one of your friends sees one of Jaspers books and asks the dreaded question:

"So what is it about then?"

After about five minutes of using words such as dodos, bookworld, Thursday, and Jane Eyre you friend is even more puzzled and is probably regretting asking the question in the first place.

But what if there was a solution, what if someone could find a simple and above all, short explanation of Jasper's works?

Wouldn't our lives be so much easier?

Lets imagine a scenario:

One of your followers on twitter (lets assume that a. you are on twitter and b. you have followers) has asked the dreaded question (see above). For some reason you only have time to send a single tweet in response, what do you write?


So here is the challenge:


Write the best description of the Thursday Next series in 140 characters or less and either tweet it to @Fforde_Ffiesta or email to